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Caltex introduces new fuel supply chain for Tasmania

Caltex is now the main supplier of petroleum products to Tasmanian service stations and industry. The company has successfully introduced new shipping arrangements and at the same time widened customer choice of fuels at Caltex service stations.

"Last week, Caltex's Alexander Spirit became the first ship from the company to visit the state in two decades," said Caltex General Manager Supply and Distribution Ken James. "Fuel from this shipment has been successfully unloaded into Caltex's Hobart terminal and is now flowing to service stations.

"Caltex will now supply much of Tasmania's petrol, diesel and jet fuel needs, replacing Shell."

The 40,000 tonne Alexander Spirit is operated for Caltex by Teekay Corporation and is run by Australian seafarers. Products will be produced at Caltex's Sydney and Brisbane refineries and shipped to Tasmania.

"The Alexander Spirit was built in 2007 and meets the latest safety standards," said Mr James. "We believe the combination of this modern petroleum product tanker with fuel production from Caltex's two Australian refineries will usher in a new era of reliability and safety for Tasmanian fuel supply."

Caltex will be delivering about 34 million litres of fuel every three weeks into Hobart and Devonport. Caltex has significantly upgraded its fuel storage facilities within the Hobart terminal and has undertaken additional investments at its service stations to enable the introduction of new Caltex premium fuels to the state.

"Tasmanians now have the choice of two new Caltex premium fuels, Vortex 98 Premium Unleaded and Vortex Premium Diesel," said Fuels Marketing Manager Grant Perris. "These products will be available at selected Caltex and Caltex Woolworths retail sites across the state and will expand the range of premium fuels available to Tasmanian motorists and bulk customers."

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