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New Caltex signage to help reduce service station fuel confusion

Caltex Australia has commenced a widespread upgrade of service station pump signage to provide customers with clearer information that will help them choose the right fuel for their vehicles.

Australia's leading fuel supplier is introducing the new labels to more than 500 service stations in response to customer feedback that showed that the expanding range of fuels at modern service stations had contributed to confusion at the bowser.

Caltex Marketing Services Manager Michael Ridley-Smith said a shift in the fuel requirements of modern vehicles, together with strong demand for a broader range of fuels, had increased the number of products now available at each site.

"Twenty years ago the average service station might have had super and unleaded fuel available on the forecourt and diesel out the back," Mr Ridley-Smith said.

"Today the situation is very different because of increased demand for diesel, premium unleaded and biofuel blends.

"Older pumps typically only had two hoses, one on each side of the pump, minimising the chance of selecting the wrong fuel.

"Modern dispensers have up to four hoses on each side - all carrying different products designed for an expanding range of fuels and vehicles - so this has meant that motorists have to be extra careful not to fill-up with a fuel not suited to their vehicles.

"Feedback from our customers has shown that, by displaying clearer information at the bowser, motorists feel they will be better informed about the fuels available and much less likely to put the wrong fuel in by mistake."

Mr Ridley-Smith said that the labels would now carry the generic product name and be accompanied by a fuels product descriptor that provides key information on each fuel type, including the Vortex range of premium unleaded and diesel products.

"Many motorists have begun driving vehicles that require a different type of fuel to the one they are used to and this can also be confusing particularly when a premium brand such as Vortex is available across both unleaded petrol and diesel fuels," Mr Ridley-Smith said.

"Customers associate the Vortex name with it being a premium fuel product and recognise the similar benefits of choosing one of these products for their vehicle depending on their engine-type.

"We hope that the combination of improved labelling on the bowser and a separate product descriptor chart providing more detailed information about the benefits of each product will be helpful for all of our customers."

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