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Bio Fuels


Caltex Bio Fuels. Fuels you can feel good about.

Climate Change is an issue we take seriously at Caltex, which is why we give our customers a large range of biofuel blends to choose from. Caltex Bio Fuels meet the strict quality standards for safe and reliable use in compatible vehicles and what's more, they're sourced from Australian producers that support our local industry.

Now you can now enjoy a renewable alternative to fossil fuel, and feel good about filling up the next time you visit your local Caltex.

Bio E-Flex

A new choice in fuel is here! Caltex Bio E-Flex contains up to 85% ethanol and provides an energy option beyond traditional fuel mix, which is something we can all feel good about.

The ethanol in Bio E-Flex is made from sources like waste starch from wheat processing, molasses from sugar production and sorghum, which is grown for ethanol manufacture and stock feed.

The highly renewable ethanol content in Bio E-Flex helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on traditional fossil fuels like petrol, which means it's a better choice for the environment and Australia.

The science behind it all is actually quite simple. Plants, which are used to produce ethanol, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When the ethanol in Bio E-Flex is burned in engines, the released carbon dioxide goes into the atmosphere and is used by plants to grow. This "cycling" of carbon creates less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than fossil fuels.

Bio E-Flex is specially formulated to meet your flex fuel car's requirements all year round. Because each season can change the way fuel performs in your engine, Caltex will adjust the blend of ethanol from 70 to 85% between seasons, to make sure your engine performs properly.

Bio E-Flex can only be used in flex fuel vehicles though, so consult your vehicle manufacturer if you're not sure which fuel is best for your car.

Bio E-Flex is on sale at selected locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. To find your nearest service station please visit our Caltex site locator.

Fill up with Caltex Bio E10 Unleaded - the alternative fuel for today

The next time you fill up, remember there are a ton of reasons why you can feel good about using Caltex Bio E10 Unleaded. Firstly, it meets strict quality requirements set by Caltex for safe use in compatible cars. And since it's enhanced with 10% ethanol, a renewable non-fossil fuel, it's a much better choice for the environment.

The ethanol in Caltex Bio E10 Unleaded is made from sources like waste starch from wheat processing, molasses from sugar production and sorghum, which is grown for ethanol manufacture and stock feed. Most importantly, Caltex Bio E10 Unleaded contains up to 10% ethanol, which complies with the limit set under the Australian government's national fuel standards.

Caltex Bio E10 Unleaded is available at selected Caltex service stations in NSW, ACT and QLD. To find your nearest service, simply head to our Caltex site locator.

Check our vehicle compatibility guide to see if your car is E10 compatible or visit

Fill up with Caltex Bio B5 Diesel or Caltex Bio B20 Diesel - Diesel enhanced with biodiesel

Caltex produces a range of biodiesel blends.

'Neat' or straight biodiesel is a diesel replacement fuel made from non-fossil fuel sources that can be mixed with ordinary diesel in any proportion.

Biodiesel is manufactured in Australia mostly from used cooking oil and animal fats (tallow). Caltex blends biodiesel with standard extra-low-sulfur petroleum diesel to create Bio B5 Diesel, a diesel/biodiesel mixture containing 5% biodiesel, and Bio B20 Diesel, a mixture containing 20% biodiesel.

These products, available only to commercial customers, are drop-in substitutes for regular diesel that can play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and assist in providing long-term solutions to climate change.

Bio B5 Diesel and Bio B20 Diesel are available for commercial sale from our Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide terminals and our Rocklea depot in Brisbane. While Bio B5 Diesel is the most widely used blend of its kind on the market, demand for B20 is growing rapidly because it further enhances the benefits associated with biodiesel usage.

All vehicles or machinery that normally run on automotive diesel can use Bio B5 Diesel with no engine modifications. The Australian Diesel Standard specifies an allowance of up to 5% biodiesel content.

To find out if Caltex Bio Diesels are suitable for your business, please call 1300 784 009.