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Material Safety Data Sheets
Material Safety Data Sheets are available on all Caltex products through the ACOHS database. This link should take you directly to the ACOHS database search screen, however if requested to login, user name is resource and password is customerxs.

Unleaded Petrol

Categories: Fuels - Automotive Petrol and LPG

A highly refined unleaded fuel for spark ignition engines blended to meet the requirements of modern automotive engines fitted with catalytic converters and designed to run on unleaded petrol. Similar to Premium Unleaded Petrol, it gives easy starting, quick warm up and full power under all climatic conditions. It has an octane rating of 91 minimum, is coloured purple and meets AS 1876.

Unleaded petrol is not recommended for aircraft or aviation applications.

Density at 15°C, kg/L 0.74
Flash Point, Abel, °C -30
Pour Point, °C -60
Research Octane Number 91.0 min
Motor Octane Number 81.0 min
Sulfer, mg/kg 500 max (WA 150)
Lead, mg/L 5
Colour Purple
Code 200

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