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Changes in Pesticide use and regulations both here and abroad can potentially affect local growers while Integrated Pest Management and integrated weed management are dynamic areas which are the subject of much ongoing research. Overviews of recent developments are covered in this section, together, with key industry events and seasonal developments. Here are some current items that might interest you.

Posted 03/04/12

  • Many factors can affect the performance of your defoliant in the preparation of your crop for harvest. For best results apply your defoliant with soil moisture at the refill point, while nights are still warm and with the right rate of defoliant and spray oil adjuvant for the
  • Commencing your defoliation program at greater than 60% open bolls is still the best way to guarantee high quality, mature fibre from your cotton crop. That's the finding of a study published by the cotton CRC conducted over three seasons to assess the effect of defoliation timing on the fibre quality produced. Cotton CRC 
  • Late season sucking pests like aphids and silverleaf whitefly can make for an unappealing harvest. Control of these pests late season is still a key management consideration. The Caltex Precision Spray Oil, Canopy, can be a valuable adjuvant in the management of these pests.

Posted 16/01/12
  • Most herbicIde applications in summer present a risk of spray drift. One of the key components of spray drift risk management is the use of at least medium, but more often coarse spray quality. Bill Gordon says there are options for achieving herbicide efficacy even with these large spray droplet sizes.
  • Apple dimpling bugs (ADB) live a dual purpose life.  Based on the findings of a study of ADB, Dr Moazzem Khan (DEEDI) recommends an economic spraying threshold of 10 per metre row of cotton along with 50% fruit retention at the squaring stage.
  • The Cotton Catchment Community CRC November On Farm Pest Management update summarises the use of petroleum spray oils in cotton pest management.
Posted 16/09/11

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