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2019 Annual Report

People & Partnerships
2019 Annual Report
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2019 was an important year for Caltex

Message from our Chairman and Managing Director & CEO

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Message from Steven Gregg - Farewell Julian Segal

On 14 August 2019, we announced our Managing Director and CEO, Julian Segal, had informed the Board of his intention to retire, and on 25 February 2020 we confirmed he would step down as Managing Director and CEO effective 2 March 2020.

Operations Reports
  • Convenience Retail
  • Fuels and Infrastructure

Convenience Retail

In 2019, Caltex progressed the execution of its Convenience Retail strategy in a challenging operating environment.

Fuels and Infrastructure

The success of our Fuels & Infrastructure business is underpinned by the capabilities of our people in managing complex supply chains, our privileged assets and deep customer base, the knowledge of our diverse teams and strong international partnerships.
  • Safe & Responsible Business
  • Continuous Improvement & Optimisation of Assets

Ensuring the safety of our people and the environment

Safety is non-negotiable at Caltex. The health and safety of our people, customers, communities and the environment are our highest priority.

Being efficient with our energy and water use

We recognise that through our operations we expend large amounts of energy and water, which is why we are focused on initiatives to reduce the use of these resources.
  • Contribution to the Australian Economy & Communities
  • Transition to a Low Carbon Future

Caring for our communities

Making a positive difference to the communities in which we operate is a significant focus, and this came to the forefront of our activities during the 2019–2020 bushfire crisis that devastated communities across Australia.

Climate scenario analysis and risk management

We acknowledge the financial risks and opportunities associated with climate change and that it is affecting a wide range of businesses and industries around the world.
In Focus

Caltex brings back iconic Ampol brand

In December 2019, Caltex announced that it will transition to the iconic and much-loved Ampol brand over the next three years.

Board & Leadership Team

2019 Financial Report

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