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Caltex brings back iconic Ampol brand

In December 2019, Caltex announced that it will transition to the iconic and much-loved Ampol brand over the next three years.

The transition to Ampol gives Caltex the opportunity to take back control of its brand and regain independence, while continuing to work closely with its people, customers and partners.

The Australian Motorists Petrol Company, which later became Ampol, was founded in 1936 and became part of Caltex Australia when the two companies merged in 1995. 

The reinvigoration of Ampol will include an identity update across the entire retail and fuels infrastructure network, with the transition to happen progressively over the next three years. 

Managing Director and CEO of Caltex Australia, Julian Segal, said the announcement was a great opportunity for the company to bring back the iconic brand that is still trusted by Australians of all ages. 

“Ampol is an iconic Australian name – a brand which reflects our deep Australian heritage and expertise,” said Mr Segal.

“Our market research confirms that Ampol is regarded as a trusted brand by Australian consumers – even those who weren’t born when the brand was retired. Our decision to bring Ampol back reflects the focus we have on our heritage of friendly and efficient service, high-quality Australian-made products and being part of the local community.” 

Ampol, which has been part of Australia’s DNA since its inception, is a significant part of Caltex’s history and will be an important part of its future. Consumers can expect to start seeing the Ampol name in the Caltex network in 2020.

A quick history of Ampol 

  • 1995: Caltex and Ampol merged petroleum, refining and marketing assets to form Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd. In 1997, it became Caltex Petroleum Australia Ltd.
  • 1988: Pioneer International acquired full ownership of Ampol and the following year Pioneer purchased Solo Oil Limited.
  • 1986: Ampol celebrated its 50th anniversary by introducing a new corporate image and advertising campaign, some of which many Australians still remember today.
  • 1983: Ampol acquired Total Australia and Total Refineries Australia, which added an extra 200 retail outlets to its network.
  • 1965: Ampol built the Lytton Refinery in Brisbane, which gave Australia its first wholly owned and operated processing facility.
  • 1952: The first company-owned petrol station was opened on Military Road in Mosman, Sydney.
  • 1948: AMP listed on the Australian Associated Stock Exchanges, the forerunner to the ASX, and in 1949 changed its name to Ampol Petroleum Ltd.
  • 1936: Sir William Gaston Walkley created the Australian Motorists Petrol Company (AMP) to address concerns about petrol prices and transfer pricing by foreign oil companies. In 1937, it opened its first garage pumps in New South Wales.