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Aussie drivers take second and third at Fuelwatch in Gothenburg

Aussie drivers take second and third at Fuelwatch in Gothenburg


Caltex is proud to announce that Cameron Simpson and Kerri Connors earned a second and third place at the 2017 Volvo International Drivers Fuelwatch challenge in Gothenburg, Sweden. Cameron, from I & M Simpsons in Alexandra Victoria came home second in the off-road section with Kerri, who drives for Caltas Tasmania, taking third in the on-road section.

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Heléne Mellquist, Senior Vice President of Volvo Trucks International, said the competition highlighted the role of fuel efficient driving to reduce costs and carbon footprint. “The performances we have seen during this year’s Fuelwatch Challenge have re-affirmed our conviction that the role of a skillful driver is pivotal to better profitability for businesses and reduced impact on the environment” she said.

Caltex shares this commitment to pushing the boundaries of efficiency and environment outcomes further. The company has actively developed a range of products and solutions that allow customers to adopt practical, real world steps that drive efficiency gains and enhance environmental results.

These include:

  • Supporting driver learning and best practice initiatives by promoting participation in the Volvo Fuelwatch challenge
  • Vortex Diesel - a high-performance diesel fuel specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for cleaner, better and more advanced diesel fuels that keep engines healthier for longer
  • Caltex Telematics - a powerful, predictive and proven system that’s fully integrated into a vehicle’s engine management and diagnostic system, providing detailed, easy-to-understand driver and vehicle reporting. It provides unprecedented insights into the performance of both vehicles and drivers while identifying potential problems early – keeping your fleet safe, running efficiently and on the road longer

Caltex continues to invest in industry leading solutions that not only maintain the health and efficiency of vehicles and equipment, but also actively contribute to better environmental outcomes for all Australians.

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