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Caltex graduate Jessica Bain

Caltex Graduate Program


As part of its commitment to future generations of Australians, Caltex offers a graduate program to recent university graduates or those who are about to complete their degree. We asked one of our graduates, Jessica Bain, about her experience in the program.

jessica bain

What makes a graduate program successful and rewarding?
To any motivated university graduate looking for an exciting and challenging career full of diverse opportunities, the Caltex graduate program has been an unbelievably rewarding experience for me. Which got me thinking, what makes a grad program successful and rewarding?

Broad exposure
Over two years I worked with five different commercial teams on six-month rotations, giving me the opportunity to connect with multiple people at different levels of the business, as well as valuable insights that I’ve been able to bring to new projects.

Presenting my achievements to the Marketing Leadership Group opened the door to more exciting opportunities, such as working with senior leaders on high profile projects. My journey took me across the country, to places such as Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Tamworth, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney, gaining an in-depth understanding of our operations in different markets.

Investment in development
It’s been great working with a company that sees the value in having skilled and well trained employees. I found the investment Caltex put into their graduates highly motivating. Fresh out of uni you will come across many new systems, tools and processes which are critical to your career. From courses in Building Your Own Personal Brand, to Excel, Salesforce, SAP, SharePoint, bid management, tender writing, project management, personal presentation and communication, as well as mentoring from passionate professionals, Caltex is truly setting up their grads for success.

Encouraging culture
The leap from uni into the working world is incredibility exciting, but can also be daunting. In the early days, you’re eager to make a great first impression and a valuable contribution to the business, but there’s a steep learning curve as you find your feet and begin to gain an understanding of the business. The support, encouragement and ownership given to each of the grads through-out the program generated a fantastic environment. This gave me the confidence to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself, enabling me to make the valuable contribution I was hoping for.  

Opportunity to perform and deliver
Exposure, development and culture are the foundation to success, but for a truly motivated person wanting to be a valuable member of any team, success is being able to perform and deliver the business objectives. Caltex gave me true autonomy, opportunity and direction to manage, impact and deliver on multiple projects within the business. Some highlights include project managing the Department of Defence 300 million litre tender response, performing critical analysis on the national distributor strategy, working with Bain and Company strategy consultants developing the future retail strategy, and working with McKinsey consultants on the consumer pricing transformation with the opportunity to lead critical work streams.

This journey has been incredible and most definitely opened doors in my career. Working in Marketing with a passionate and energetic team has been a major aspiration of mine and I’m ecstatic to say I’m now a part of the Caltex Marketing team, as the Consumer Communication Specialist.

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