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Caltex Winter Diesels for cold and alpine areas

Caltex Winter Diesels for cold and alpine areas

People aren’t the only things to feel the cold during the winter months. In severe winter conditions, especially in high country or inland areas, diesel fuel may get cold enough for the wax it contains to start solidifying.

All diesel fuels contain wax as it is a natural component of the crude oil it’s produced from. Plus, it’s also good for the ignition quality of the fuel.

However, if the cold causes enough wax to solidify (or crystallise), the fuel lines, filters and strainers in a diesel engine may become blocked and make it difficult or impossible to start and operate. This phenomenon is known as ‘waxing’.

To prevent waxing from happening, Caltex Winter Diesel blends are specially formulated with lower cloud points than regular diesel. The cloud point refers to the temperature below which wax in diesel will begin to go cloudy and start solidifying. 

caltex winter diesel

Specifications to suit different seasons.

The Australian Standard that specifies the cloud point for diesel varies seasonally. During winter months, diesel manufacturers are required to produce diesel with a lower cloud point. However, this may still not be low enough to prevent waxing occurring in cold, highland or alpine regions.

Caltex Winter Diesels not only conform to the specified winter cloud point, but are formulated to have even lower cloud points to prevent waxing in frosty or severe winter conditions.

Caltex Highland Diesel

  • Has a cloud point 2° below regular diesel
  • Ideal for moderate to cool areas that experience regular frosts in winter.

Caltex Alpine Diesel

  • Has a cloud point 4° below regular diesel
  • Suitable for alpine regions in north and south west NSW, the Snowy Mountains, northern Victoria and Tasmania.

Vortex Highland Diesel and Vortex Alpine Diesel

  • Premium winter blends now available in NSW and Victoria.

Fill up closer to your cold destination.

Caltex Winter Diesels are distributed to meet the demands and particular weather conditions of certain areas. They are automatically dispensed through the regular diesel or Vortex Premium diesel pumps in cold or alpine areas.

This means if you are heading to the ski fields, you should fill up closer to your final cold destination, as the diesel in a town like Jindabyne or Mansfield will be Caltex Alpine Diesel, and best suited to prevent waxing while you are in the snow country.

When visiting cold or alpine areas, Caltex Winter Diesels will provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your diesel engine will continue to start and run smoothly.

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