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Driving the road freight industry forward

Driving the road freight industry forward


The road freight industry is an intensely competitive market where every advantage counts.

Which is why Caltex remains focused on providing road freight operators with innovative products and services to help maximise their operating efficiencies and gain the competitive edge.

The Caltex National Truck Network (NTN) is Australia’s largest with over 220 dedicated truck sites spread across the country. It ensures hardworking truck drivers are never far from the specialised services they require, with every site offering safe access and exit for large trucks, including triple road trains, and 24 hour diesel refuelling using high flow pumps to speed up the process. Plus selected sites also offer welcoming driver comfort facilities including 24 hour food, refreshments and showers.

These NTN sites are supported by another 850 Caltex truck friendly sites with easy access high canopies and high flow pumps for faster refuelling.

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Fuelling success across Australia

To protect valuable truck engines and ensure they maintain peak performance, Caltex Vortex Premium Diesel is formulated with an advanced, multi-function additive that includes: 

  • An advanced cleaning agent to help restore 100% of lost power and prevent deposits building-up on fuel injectors
  • A foam inhibitor for a cleaner and faster fill
  • A rust inhibitor to prevent particles forming that may cause engine wear.

Unlike generic diesel exhaust fluid, VDA approved AdBlue is guaranteed not to contaminate your fleet’s SCR system and is available either at the pump or in store from over 460 Caltex locations.

Plus with Australia’s largest fuel supply chain spread across 20 terminals and 100 depots, Caltex can bulk deliver Vortex Premium Diesel and AdBlue right across the country.

Smart thinking for smoother running

Caltex StarCard is the smart way for transport operators to save and earn rewards across our retail network. It’s the only fuel card that:

  • Saves money with discounts on fuel, AdBlue and more
  • Saves time by capturing fleet expenses in a single, ATO-approved monthly invoice
  • Earns Qantas Points with every litre of fuel and purchase of selected items

By using Caltex Telematics, as a fleet operator you can realise tangible benefits by receiving real-time insights and predictive diagnostics to help reduce downtime and avoid costly issues. Caltex Telematics can:

  • Monitor driver performance to ensure safer, more efficient driving habits
  • Manage vehicle maintenance more effectively with diagnostic alerts and reporting
  • Save money and reduce the carbon footprint through more efficient driving practices

No matter where your business takes you, Caltex can provide the complete road freight transport solution. To find out how we can drive greater efficiencies for your fleet, please get in touch.

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