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Keeping the Pacific Highway upgrade fuelled and moving

Keeping the Pacific Highway upgrade fuelled and moving

As the main road between Sydney and Brisbane, the Pacific Highway is an integral part of the routes that make-up Australia’s national highway.

In recent years, this essential thoroughfare has been undergoing a dramatic transformation. What was once not much more than a country road is fast becoming a sweeping dual carriageway, featuring best-in-world design and construction techniques.

Pacific Highway upgrade

Massive machines, massive logistics.

One section currently being upgraded is the 42km stretch between Tyndale and Glenugie in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Building this road requires more than 120 pieces of plant and equipment including scrapers, moxies, dozers, crushing plants, graders, excavators, cranes, rollers and generators.

Keeping these heavy machines operating requires 24,000 litres of fuel a day, 6 days a week, starting from 6am sharp.

As there are no large fuel storage facilities on such a remote stretch of road, this massive project relies upon Caltex On Site Refuelling (OSR) to transport all the fuel directly to the site, when and where it’s needed.

Caltex have assigned three specialised trucks and drivers to this project. Based out of the Caltex Woolgoolga Depot, they each embark on a daily 80km roundtrip to conduct refuelling on the construction site during downtime, starting in total darkness from 2am. Refuelling at this time is also safer for the Caltex drivers and prevents unnecessary equipment downtime during the day.

The latest technology and safety systems.

Working in such a remote location adds further challenges to the Caltex OSR team. The lack of reliable mobile phone coverage means drivers need a satellite phone to stay in touch.

Should an accident occur, they could also be a long way from help. So each driver is equipped with a man down pendant to automatically alert the base in the case of an emergency.

To make the administrative process and fuel usage reporting as easy as possible, all the equipment fuelled by Caltex OSR has an individual barcode. This identifies each piece and can then be used to generate a daily and monthly OSR Transaction Report. It also identifies what piece of equipment is being operated by which contractor, further streamlining the administrative process.

This is now the 5th section of the Pacific Highway construction project to be serviced by Caltex On Site Refuelling (OSR), contributing to the ongoing progress and success of Australia’s number one highway.

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