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Travel on any road in Australia, have every toll sent to one convenient location – your StarCard

Travel on any road in Australia, have every toll sent to one convenient location – your StarCard


If your business depends on your team being out on the road or you are operating a fleet of road transport vehicles, then you’ll be familiar with the time it takes to settle accounts at the end of every month, keeping you from what’s really important – running your business.

That’s where StarCard can help.


StarCard makes it easy to stay on top of your on-road expenses by consolidating them all in one place. So if your drivers are travelling on roads right across Australia, all toll charges for roads, bridges and tunnels can be managed at once, at the end of each month.

For just 50 cents a month per vehicle, all toll charges will be added directly to your StarCard account and charged monthly, freeing up cash-flow for your business.

A new tag will be issued for every vehicle you add and will automatically activate once installed. And you need not worry about making any deposits as it’ll all be post-paid.

Your monthly tax invoice will detail the toll charges of each individual vehicle, as well provide a breakdown of the charges incurred, along with fuel and other expenses covered by your StarCard. This allows you to see at a glance all vehicle related transactions for each driver, giving you greater control over business spend.

Save time and free up cash flow

Choosing to pay your tolls via StarCard is another convenient way to free up cash flow for your business as there’s no deposit or minimum balance required on your account.

Your detailed monthly invoice makes it easy to track spending and comply with tax requirements, saving you even more time - particularly at the end of the financial year.

StarCard provides a convenient and cost effective solution to consolidate on-road expenses in one place - and for just 50 cents per vehicle, per month, you can now add tolls too.

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