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Our Teams

Our Teams

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Fuels & Infrastructure

A business that’s bigger than you realise

With a history dating back to 1900, there’s a lot more to our ASX-listed business than meets the eye. With people working across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, we not only trade, import and refine fuel, but also manage complex supply chains and retail operations, working together to keep Australia moving. Whether you’re at a service station, mining site or airport, the Caltex star is never far away.

Retail In-Store

Making it personal

While our stores are connected by the Caltex star, they each have a personality of their own that makes them unique. We love the differences our vast network and customer base represents. Our store locations and 24-hour operations support a diverse and flexible working environment - even with a small but connected team.

A sense of ownership and autonomy is not what you’d typically get in retail, but with us, it’s part and parcel of your role. You’ll learn the grass roots of retail operations with us, and we’ll encourage you to use it as a stepping stone to a career in retail.

Retail Support Office

A place you’ll belong

Shaping the future of Convenience Retail. We’ve got big ideas that we’re turning into reality.

Leveraging our position as a leader in transport fuels, we’re transforming our business into a world-class convenience retailer too. With a vast network of sites, we’ve reimagined how we can make life easier for our customers.


Caltex Group

People are the heart of our success 

When you’re part of our corporate group, you’ll be in the thick of the action, working alongside highly-capable and inspiring peers to make things happen for our diverse businesses.

With freedom and flexibility, you’ll find our people making the most of our Sydney CBD location, working in cross-functional teams with access to experts across our operations. Together we unite, to make life easier for our customers.

Graduate Program

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