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Credit Card Account Payment

Make a payment using Credit Card

Paying your Caltex account has never been easier. We now offer two convenient solutions for you to pay your account by credit card:

1. Register your credit card for automatic Direct Debit payment (recommended); or

2. Make a payment each month

Credit Card Payment Terms and Conditions

Credit Card Account Payment FAQs

  • The clearing of the Credit Card payment is dependent on the relevant financial institution. Generally it takes approximately 48 hours for payments to be processed.

  • If you have insufficient funds on your Credit Card account, the payment will be declined. You will need to contact Caltex to organise alternative payment. A transaction fee may be charged for any dishonoured payments.

  • There are two options to pay by Credit Card:

    • Ongoing Credit Card Payment by Direct Debit (Recommended)

    This is the simplest and most convenient option to pay your Caltex Fuel card, bulk Fuel or Lubricant account. Go to the Caltex Payments webpage and register by clicking on the ‘Register your Credit Card for Direct Debit’ link. Complete all the necessary details, by providing a valid Caltex account number, Credit Card details, email address and agree to the Direct Debit Service Agreement. It’s as simple as that.

    • One-off Payments

    You can also choose to make a one-off payment each month. Simply click on the ‘Make a Payment’ link and complete the required details, including details of the invoice number and the amount to be paid.

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