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Kurnell Refinery Conversion Project

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Kurnell Site Conversion
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Kurnell Refinery Conversion Project

Conversion Project Environmental Impact Statement/Statement of Environmental Effects
The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) for the Kurnell conversion and demolition is based on extensive research, surveys and studies by a team of independent experts as well as consultation with government agencies and the community. You can view the EIS/SEE here by clicking on the sections below:


Main Report Part 1
Main Report Part 2
Appendix A - Director General's Requirements
Appendix B - Environment Protection Licence
Appendix C - Hazard and Risk Assessment
Appendix D - Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment
Appendix E - Water Management Report
Appendix F - Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment
Appendix G - Air Quality Impact Assessment
Appendix H - Heritage Impact Assessment
Appendix I - Ecology Impact Assessment


Main Report
Appendix A - SEARS and Application Documentation
Appendix B - HAZDEM Report
Appendix C - Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment
Appendix D - Water Management Report
Appendix E - Noise and Vibration Assessment
Appendix F - Heritage Impact Assessment
Appendix G - Ecology & Appendix H Coastal Processes

Project Approval
Caltex received approval for the Kurnell Refinery conversion and demolition from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment as well as other government agencies and regulators. To view the project approvals and conditions of consent click on the following links:

Conversion Project Development Consent
Conversion Planning Assessment Commission Approval
Demolition Project Consent
Demolition Planning Assessment Commission Approval

Project Management Plans
A number of plans were developed to help manage our project work and minimise impacts to the community and the environment. These plans were approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). To view the plans, click on the following links:


Environmental Management Plan
Waste Management Plan
Water Management Plan
Air Quality Management Plan
Traffic and Access Management Plan
Biodiversity Management Plan
Noise Management Plan
Contamination Management Plan
Heritage Object Management Plan


Environmental Management Plan
Waste and Resource Management Plan
Soil and Water Management Plan
Air Quality Management Plan
Traffic Management Plan
Biodiversity and Weed Management Plan
Noise and Vibration Management Plan

Annual Reviews, Kurnell Refinery Conversion

2014 Reporting Period
2015 Reporting Period
2016 Reporting Period

Independent Environmental Audit

In accordance with the Development Consent for the Kurnell Refinery Conversion, an independent environmental audit was conducted. The purpose of the audit was to assess the environmental performance of the project, as well as compliance with the consent conditions and the site Environmental Protection Licence during 2014, the first year of the conversion. Based on activities undertaken and records sampled for that year, the audit team found a good level of compliance. To view the full audit report and Caltex’s response, click on the following link:

Independent Environmental Audit, Kurnell Refinery Conversion