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Kurnell Site Conversion

Kurnell Site Conversion

Caltex is committed to optimising and investing in our supply chain to ensure that our customers continue to have access to long term, secure, safe and reliable product supply.

In July 2012, Caltex announced a restructure of our supply chain including the conversion of Kurnell refinery to a major import terminal.

With this decision, Caltex commenced a major project to transform the Kurnell site to operate as a terminal, including work inside the refinery as well as at our Kurnell wharf and sub berth.

On schedule in October 2014, the Kurnell refinery was safely shut down and terminal operations commenced on site.

The final stage of the site conversion, which involves the demolition of the redundant refinery infrastructure, is underway. Remediation of the site will take place over subsequent years.

The new, modern terminal at Kurnell is Australia’s largest fuel import terminal. It underpins Caltex’s supply chain, and will ensure reliable fuel supply to New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory for decades to come.


Kurnell Refinery Conversion and Demolition

The construction phase of the Kurnell site conversion has been successfully completed. The Kurnell Terminal commenced operation in October 2014.

Demolition of the refinery is now well progressed. Demolition involves dismantling and removing from site the redundant refinery process units, tanks, pipelines and buildings, along with civil works such as waste concrete crushing and ground levelling. Pipelines from the refinery to the old Continental Carbon site and Tabbigai Gap have been removed, along with sections of pipeline from the Caltex wharf, Rights of Way and at Silver Beach.

The demolition is progressing slightly behind schedule, and is now 106% complete overall (additional scope = 115%). The following table shows the timing and progress for the main demolition activities:




% Complete

Process Unit Demolition

Q3 2015 – Q3 2017


Tank Cleaning

Q1 2016 – Q4 2017


Pipeline Removal/Tank Demolition

Q2 2016 – Q1 2018


Civil Works and Building

Q3 2016 – Q2 2018


Concrete Crushing

Q3 2017 – Q1 2018


**Original concrete crushing scope completed but additional works added to scope. Expected completion by end of May, 2019.

We anticipate finishing the demolition works & contaminated soil removal in 3Q 2019.


Kurnell Port & Berthing Facility Upgrade

The Kurnell Port & Berthing Facility Upgrade project includes dredging and upgrades at Caltex's wharf and sub berth. 

Approval for the Kurnell Port & Berthing Facility upgrade was granted by the NSW Department of Planning & Environment. To view the project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), management plans and conditions of consent click here.

Current Project Status

This project has been successfully completed. The dredging and upgrades to our wharf and sub berth ensure ships can continue to safely access our facility and also provide increased flexibility to import fuel in a range of ship sizes.

24 Hour Kurnell Community Hotline
Caltex is proud of its long standing relationship with the Kurnell community. The team at Kurnell is committed to communicating with, supporting and being an active member of the local community.

We meet with community members and send out a community update on a regular basis to share information about activities on site. We also encourage community members to contact us through our 24 hour community hotline if they have any questions or concerns.

To read more about our hotline and the calls received in the past year click here.

How to contact us
Phone: Caltex Kurnell's 24 hour community hotline on 1800 802 385
Mail: Terminal Manager, Caltex Kurnell Terminal, 2 Solander St Kurnell NSW 2231

Kurnell Refinery Conversion Project

Kurnell Port and Berthing Facility Upgrade Project