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Partnering with our business
Why Caltex?
We do business as business should be done: by taking the lead and by being forward thinking, efficient and above all, honest.

We take a personal approach. We believe a great customer experience is key to our success, whether it's an industrial customer in the mining, aviation or transport business, or the neighbour down the street who stops by one of our convenience stores for petrol, milk and newspapers.

Franchising FAQs

  • New franchise agreements for Caltex Star Marts (on premises owned or leased by Caltex) will generally have a term of 5 years plus an option to renew for a period of 5 years. Alternatively, if you acquire an existing Caltex franchise business (for example by way of an assignment) you will be acquiring the remaining tenure of the relevant existing franchise agreement - which will, of course, be less than that for a new franchise agreement.
  • Franchisees who perform exceptionally well may be given the opportunity to apply to operate an additional site/s, but our main focus is currently on single site operators who drive their daily business.

  • Caltex places a high emphasis on training. Before becoming a Caltex franchisee, you will be required to undergo a detailed training program on the Caltex franchise system, which consists of both classroom and on-site activities. You must achieve the requisite level of competence in all aspects of this training to Caltex's satisfaction before Caltex grants its final approval for you to operate a Caltex franchise. Attendance at on-going training programs is also required throughout the term of the franchise. This training may include people management, customer service, merchandising and business operating systems.

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