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Franchise Model

Franchise Model
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You've got the idea by now that customer service and the community that the franchisee serves are of the utmost importance to us at Caltex. But there are other factors that we consider critical to the success of our franchised stores.

We have a way of doing business that works. And so detailed retail execution and compliance are key.

Our Caltex Star Franchise generally operates under a single site operator model. This means our franchisees are expected to be very much hands-on leaders on a full-time basis.

The thinking that goes into a franchise operation dictates the kind of success that comes out. Here are the key strategic components that ensure the success of our Caltex franchise model:


A certain level of comprehension and capability is required by our Caltex franchisees. That means a detailed training program consisting of classroom and on-site activities must be undertaken and passed on all levels. Additional training throughout the term of your franchise will also be required.

Retail Systems, tools and processes

To streamline operations, and assist you in the running of a franchise, we provide invaluable retail systems, tools and business processes.

Online Operations Manual

Our site standards, operational procedures and management tools can be conveniently accessed online in the Operations Manual.

The Caltex All Stars program

The All Stars program establishes the standards required to exceed consumer expectations. It also defines our Caltex brand and site standards and outlines regulatory compliance requirements. Further to that, the All Stars Program performs assessments in customer service, site presentation, promotions, merchandising and safety. This enables regular, constructive reporting - which helps to improve business and our customer experience.

Supply chain logistics

Caltex offers to selected stores, a centralised logistics system, based on just-in-time principles for a majority of convenience store product requirements. This allows Caltex franchisees and company operated stores to acquire the right products at nationally negotiated prices and enables significant efficiencies at store level.


The day-to-day operations of convenience retail stores require not so everyday technology. Our customised computer systems enable easy, concise customer transactions, identifies customer trends, monitors staff performance, performs inventories, provides daybook functions and offers end of period financial reports.


myCaltex provides access to a vast range of services. These include: ordering of fuels, account enquiries, invoice reprints, transaction summaries, merchandising tips and plans, manuals (operations, systems and All Stars), local marketing aides, technical product information, newsletters, promotions and a range of other helpful tools.


All franchisees have access to one of our Caltex Retail Business Managers. For franchisees, that means face-to-face contact and on-the-ground advice and guidance from a Caltex professional who has a deep understanding of the locality. Business Managers are also an important link in a much wider, in depth support structure.


A dedicated merchandising team works closely with suppliers to ensure competitive pricing. They also ensure that franchisees are supplied with the variety of convenience goods that meet their customer needs. Further to that, our merchandising teams evaluate the outcomes of promotional offers, assess emerging market trends and assist in managing and refining retail offerings.

State & National Franchise councils

Feedback from franchisees is invaluable for both us as a company and the success of our franchise system. That's why we have established a structured franchise council, consisting of 4-6 franchisee members in our major regions. Franchise Development teams have also been established to help develop new initiatives for our Caltex convenience retail network.


At Caltex, we're always on the lookout for opportunities and potential markets in Australian suburbs. Our dedicated property team continually searches for new convenience retail locations, and to ensure all older locations are kept to standard, our engineering team continue to refresh fittings, fixtures and equipment.

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