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Purchasing an Existing Franchise

Purchasing an Existing Franchise
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Our Caltex franchise network is solid and successful. In fact, the majority of franchised sites have been trading for over ten years. When you apply to become one of our franchisees, it is likely you will have the opportunity to purchase an existing Caltex franchise business. The purchase price of an existing Caltex franchise business will vary according to such factors as:

  • the remaining term of the franchise
  • the historical volume of sales from the site (often relating to profitability)
  • any "value of franchise payment" that you negotiate with the existing franchisee
  • facilities (and equipment) available at the site
  • location of the site
  • inventory (fuel and convenience retail product) 

If the site you choose also operates a mechanical workshop or conducts other additional business activities, those activities (and associated equipment) could be factored into the purchase price as well.

Some other amounts payable by the franchisee directly, in relation to operating the business may include:

  • payroll tax
  • workers compensation and superannuation
  • employee's wages
  • insurances
  • business licences, permits and taxes
  • minor repairs and maintenance
  • security equipment
  • risk management plans
  • cleaning
  • gardening
  • utilities (electricity, telephone, gas)
  • inventory variations / spoilage / wastage / store supplies

Please note the costs, expenses and fees listed on this website are indicative only and not intended to be exhaustive. If you are considering becoming one of our franchisees, further details of the fees and charges will be provided to you during the franchise recruitment.

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