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Why Caltex?

Why Caltex?
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We do business as business should be done: by taking the lead and by being forward thinking, efficient and above all, honest.

We take a personal approach. We believe a great customer experience is key to our success, whether it's an industrial customer in the mining, aviation or transport business, or the neighbour down the street who stops by one of our convenience stores for petrol, milk and newspapers.

We've been refining petroleum products here in Australia for 50 years.

Giving back to the communities we work in made us an icon in the fuel industry.

Similarly with retailing, our sense of community has helped us build a brand positioned for retail success now, and long into the future.

Moreover, we haven't forgotten that retailing is all about quality of product and quality of service.

This thinking drives the products we develop and the services we offer. And in turn, drives more customers into our stores.

Our StarCard fuel card, for instance, allows our customers to purchase petrol as well as convenience retail store items. It has proved especially popular with small to medium business enterprises (SMEs), corporate customers, fleet providers and government agencies like the police, ambulance and fire brigade, as well as area health services.

At Caltex, we also market StarCash - an electronic pre-paid gift that is used in numerous ways: when a customer wants to give a gift, by businesses wanting to promote their brands and products, as incentives or rewards for the staff of local businesses, or even as prize giveaways as part of a special offer.

However StarCard and StarCash are used, they promote more traffic through the store.

Our retail network itself is very carefully balanced, with approximately 85% of the stores in the hands of franchisees and the rest operated by Calstores P/L, a store network exclusively controlled by our Caltex organisation.

Company operated stores are located in most of the markets where franchised stores operate. They are very important to our retail network because, in effect, company stores are testing grounds where we develop and refine new products and ideas, systems and retail offers.

With a better understanding of national and local consumer trends and operational costs, our retail convenience network can only grow more successful.

What's more, one of our Caltex Business Managers, who will help you get your new venture off the ground, really knows what makes our convenience stores successful.

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