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Key Date: 9 May 2019 - Annual General Meeting
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2018 Full Year Results - 26 February 2019

Financial Calendar*
Date* Description

26 Feb 2019          

Full Year - Results Announced

26 Feb 2019

Full Year - Dividend Announced

04 Mar 2019

Full Year - Record Date for Dividend

05 Apr 2019

Full Year - Payment Date for Dividend#^                         

09 May 2019

Annual General Meeting

27 Aug 2019

Half Year - Results Announced

27 Aug 2019

Half Year - Dividend Announced

10 Sep 2019

Half Year - Record Date for Dividend

04 Oct 2019

Half Year - Payment Date for Dividend#^

31 Dec 2019

Financial Year End

*dates are subject to change       #on or around       ^if declared