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Investor Centre
Key Date: 7 March 2017 - Full Year - Record Date for Dividend
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Our company share price quoted in these pages is the current trading price (with a 15/20-minute delay). Similarly, the price you see quoted in the national newspapers will reflect trading prices at the end of the previous day.

Full Year Results Announcement - 21 February 2017

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Corporate Governance

We are committed to best practice in corporate governance.
Key Dates
Date* Description
21 Feb 2017          
Full Year - Results Announced
21 Feb 2017 Full Year - Dividend Announced
07 Mar 2017 Full Year - Record Date for Dividend
31 Mar 2017 Full Year - Payment Date for Dividend#^                         
04 May 2017 Annual General Meeting
29 Aug 2017 Half Year - Results Announced
29 Aug 2017 Half Year - Dividend Announced
12 Sep 2017 Half Year - Record Date for Dividend
06 Oct 2017 Half Year - Payment Date for Dividend#^
31 Dec 2017  Financial Year End

*dates are subject to change
#on or around
^if declared