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2018 Annual Report

Capability + Scale
2018 Annual Report
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About Caltex
  • International Sourcing & Supply
  • Refining
  • Integrated Supply Chain
  • Retail Fuel & Convenience

Ampol is Caltex’s international trading and shipping team based in Singapore

It sources petroleum products from global markets and connects their supply chains with our market leading infrastructure positions, such as our import terminal in Kurnell, New South Wales (pictured). This international supply capability underpins Caltex’s reputation for reliable supply to wholesale customers, while ensuring the competitiveness of our refining and retail operations. Ampol also manages supply to our first international acquisition, Gull New Zealand, our partner Seaoil in the Philippines, in which Caltex holds a 20% equity interest, and our other international wholesale customers.

Our Fuels & Infrastructure division sources, imports, refines and distributes the fuels and lubricants that meet one-third of Australia’s transport needs.

Caltex’s Lytton refinery is one of the most efficient small refineries in Asia, representing a major centre of technical capability, delivering core earnings and supporting our broader value chain.
Processing crude and feedstocks sourced and shipped by Ampol, the refinery produces over 6 billion litres of product each year used by our customers or sold to wholesalers in the Queensland market.

Caltex has a proud and long history in Australia and continues to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

Caltex owns the largest finished product import terminals in both Australia and New Zealand and a broad network of assets that allow us to safely and reliably store and distribute high quality petrol, jet fuel, diesel and lubricants sold in our retail business and used by business and commercial customers.
With our broad network and our capable team, we are proud to supply our customers anywhere they need our products and services across Australia. The scale of our wholesale demand base in Australia sustains Ampol’s competitive advantages and supports Lytton production

Through new formats, new products, new technology and new services we are redefining what convenience means for Australians in the petrol and convenience market.

Our network of ~800 Caltex-controlled sites deliver fuel, lubricants and a range of convenience products and services to more than three million Australian consumers and our 70,000 business customers each week.
Our stable and profitable fuels business and network of strategically located sites underpin a strong and evolving retail offer. Through new formats, new products, new technology and new services we are redefining what convenience means for Australians in the petrol and convenience market.

We continued to demonstrate our track record in sound decision making

Message from our Chairman and Managing Director & CEO

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Operations Reports

Fuels and Infrastructure

With capability and scale across the transport fuels supply chain, we have secured our position as the market leader in Australia and become an emerging player in the Asian region.

Convenience Retail

2018 was a landmark year for the Convenience Retail business as we established the strategic foundations that provide a strong base for future growth. Supported by a stable and profitable fuels business, each pillar of our transformation is based around making life easier for our customers and team members – this is what the essence of convenience means to us.

Our People

Our people taking us further

In 2018 Caltex launched a new employment value proposition (EVP), rolled out programs to build a fair and flexible workplace and reaffirmed its commitment to gender equity, Indigenous employment and inclusiveness.

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2018 Financial Report

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