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Advice for Caltex Reedy Creek North petrol customers

Advice for Caltex Reedy Creek North petrol customers

20 May 2016

Caltex Australia requests that any motorists who purchased regular unleaded petrol from its Pacific Motorway Reedy Creek North site between Wednesday 6pm (18 May) and Thursday 10am (19 May) contact its Customer Feedback Line to discuss a potential fuel quality issue.

Due to an error made during a fuel delivery, regular petrol sold from some bowsers at this site contained a small amount of diesel.

Caltex prides itself on the quality of all its products and it is unacceptable that we have supplied some customers with petrol that did not meet our stringent standards.

We are sorry for the error and will cover any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by affected customers, including mechanical assessment and any required repairs.

The issue is entirely isolated to the Reedy Creek North site and only affects regular unleaded petrol purchased from specific bowsers during the period 6pm Wednesday (18 May) and 10am Thursday (19 May).

No other products are affected and there are no issues with any other sites in our network, including the nearby Reedy Creek South site.

Any customer who filled-up with regular petrol during this window is asked to contact our team on 1800 240 398 so we can determine if they have been affected and, if so, provide assistance with any out-of-pocket expenses incurred.


Media contact
Sam Collyer
Senior Media & Communications Adviser
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Customer contact
Customer Feedback Group
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1800 240 398