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Caltex and Clontarf partnership celebrated with special TeamVortex Indigenous livery

Caltex and Clontarf partnership celebrated with special TeamVortex Indigenous livery

16 June 2016

 TeamVortex Indigenous livery

Motorsport legend Craig Lowndes has revealed an exclusive TeamVortex Indigenous livery for his racecar following news Caltex Australia has extended its partnership with Clontarf Foundation.

The renewed partnership sees the iconic Australian brand continue to provide funding for the next three years to support the education and employment of Indigenous students around Australia.

In a symbolic gesture to highlight the partnership as well as paying tribute to the oldest continuous culture in the world, TeamVortex will race under the new colours for this weekend’s Darwin Triple Crown Supercars Championships (17-19 June).

The special livery artwork was designed by Darwin Clontarf student Daniel Thomson and represents where he and his family go fishing for barramundi, including how they catch and cook the fish.
Caltex’s Executive General Manager of Supply, Adam Ritchie, said that as a leading Australian company, Caltex had an important role to play in making a meaningful difference to the lives of Indigenous Australians.

“This is the sixth year we’ve partnered with Clontarf and we’re proud to continue our support of the foundation and the life-changing work they do,” Mr Ritchie said.

“By bringing together our V8 partners, Craig Lowndes and Triple Eight Race Engineering, we are able to celebrate our strengthened partnership with Clontarf in an incredibly powerful way.

“Caltex’s renewed partnership with Clontarf coincides with the launch of our refreshed Indigenous Employment Strategy, which will see us focus on building long-term capability by establishing a pipeline of talented Indigenous employees.”

Gerard Neesham, Clontarf Foundation’s CEO, said having the continued support of Caltex was essential in helping Indigenous students complete their schooling while opening the door for potential employment opportunities.

“It’s projects like this that really get the boys talking and excited. For the students, seeing a Supercar designed by one them, and also driven by the likes of Craig Lowndes, is a massive confidence boost and a memory they’ll have for life,” Mr Neesham said.

“Speaking on behalf of Daniel, I can tell you he is over the moon about working on this project.

“With 4,500 boys in the programme this year, our continued partnership with Caltex will enable us to keep supporting and mentoring students from our 70 Academies located around the country.

Lifting the covers off the bespoke TeamVortex design, team driver and six-time Bathurst 1000 winner Lowndes said he was honoured and proud to have partnered with Clontarf Foundation and is excited to take the new colours onto the track this weekend.

“I feel very special to be able to promote Caltex’s ongoing partnership with the Clontarf Foundation through such an inspired design, and what better place to embrace the Aboriginal culture and pay tribute,” Lowndes said.

“As our first ever one-off team livery, I am pleased we could do something so creative and colourful. It is really going to stand out on the track.”

About Daniel’s Artwork
“This painting is about where my family and I go fishing (large waterways and small waterways), the type of fish we target (Barramundi), the equipment we use (Spears), how we cook it up and yarning around the campfire”.

The painting represents where Daniel and his family go fishing/hunting:

  • Barramundi – Fish that we hunt
  • Dot painting patterns –to represent the surroundings
  • Blue patterns with dots – Represent water
  • Brown patterns with dots – Represent the mud banks of the fishing area
  • Green patterns with dots – Represent the mangroves and mangrove seedlings
  • Large circular patterns – Represent large waterways/ocean that lead into creeks
  • Spears – Hunting equipment
  • Middle/top part of painting – Represent family sitting down on the banks
  • Top/Right side of painting smaller circles – Represent fire and cooking

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