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Caltex Australia Limited - Off-Market Share Buy-Back - Market Price

Caltex Australia Limited - Off-Market Share Buy-Back - Market Price

08 April 2016 

On 23 February 2016, Caltex announced it would conduct a $270 million off-market share buy-back (Buy-Back).

Shareholders were invited to tender some or all of their shares, at discounts of between 10% and 14% inclusive (at 1% intervals) to the Market Price1, or as a Final Price Tender, by 7.00pm today (Sydney time).

The Market Price for the Buy-Back has been determined to be $34.1724. On this basis, for the range of tender discounts set out in the Buy-Back Booklet, the equivalent indicative Buy-Back Prices are as follows:

Tender discount

 Equivalent indicative BuyBack Price











The results of the Buy-Back, including the actual Buy-Back Discount, Buy-Back Price and any scale back, are expected to be announced on Monday, 11 April 2016.

For further information regarding the Buy-Back process, shareholders should consult the Buy-Back Booklet, available on the Caltex website at, or contact the Buy-Back Information Line on 1300 783 056 from within Australia or on +613 9415 4216 from outside Australia. 


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