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Caltex Australia participation at the Queensland Fuel Summit

Caltex Australia participation at the Queensland Fuel Summit

02 March 2016

We are pleased to participate in today's Queensland Fuel Summit and hear from the full range of guests at the event.

We're unique in the market for being not only an Australian company but the leading supplier and retailer of fuel to local motorists and businesses.

Being a local company brings with it some additional responsibility: our customers, business partners and shareholders expect us to be transparent about our operations.

As the only locally-listed fuel company in Australia, we have long had a statutory obligation to be transparent about our financial results.

We are also very open about how much tax we pay to the Australian Government and how we manage our supply chain to get fuel to where customers need it as efficiently as possible.

Our approach to fuel pricing transparency is no different.

We're ultimately accountable to the customers who trust us to supply their fuel needs competitively while simultaneously being held to account by the tens of thousands of shareholders who have invested in our business and the 3000 Australians who we employ around the country.

While we only set the price of fuel at a minority of the 2000 Caltex-supplied sites around Australia, we see it as our role to empower motorists and the government with information about fuel retailing so they can gauge for themselves whether the price they pay is competitive.

Today's summit is just one of many ways we can deliver on this long-running commitment.

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