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Caltex delivers for frontline WA fire crews

Caltex delivers for frontline WA fire crews

08 January 2016

Caltex Australia's on-site refuelling trucks are maintaining regular deliveries to emergency services working on the frontline of firefighting efforts in the Peel and South West regions of Western Australia.

Without Caltex's use of on-site refuelling trucks, which eliminate the need for a service station, firefighting vehicles would need to leave the area to fill-up with fuel at the nearest town.

Caltex is instead delivering the fuel to the fire crews to ensure they can continue their tireless efforts.

Under the escort of emergency services, Caltex trucks have also safely made deliveries to towns that would otherwise be cut-off from normal fuel supply routes.
As a result, the only Caltex site unable to provide fuel is in the town of Harvey, which has been evacuated.

All other Caltex retail sites across the Peel and South West regions remain open and supplied with all fuel grades due to the coordinated supply efforts.

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