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Becoming a Merchant

Becoming a StarFleet Merchant

We provide one of the most widely used fleet management cards in Australia, delivering superior expense control with a range of cost-effective fleet management solutions.

Our StarFleet and StarFleetPlus products are market leading, with a valuable customer base of more than 40,000 nationally, all of whom have access to our partnerships with our merchants.

Two cards, perfect for fleets large or small.

Caltex StarFleet - the tools you need to manage your fleet
Starfleet Fleet management product designed for customers who would like to utilise the online tools and reporting benefits, but retain control of the day to day running of their fleet.

Caltex StarFleetPlus - leave your fleet management to us
StarFleetPlus Caltex StarFleetPlus is our comprehensive fleet management solution where customers leave the entire management of their fleet to our team of mechanically trained fleet controllers.

Benefits of accepting cards
Becoming a StarFleet and StarFleetPlus merchant opens your business up to our growing customer base of more than 40,000 active fleet management cardholders.

  • Access to high value and loyal customer base
  • Prompt Authorisation and Payment Approval
  • Convenient Online Transaction Authorisation and Payment Processing
  • After-hours Support
  • Reimbursement by RCTI
  • Online Reporting Access
  • Detailed Transaction Reporting
  • Dedicated Fleet Controllers
  • Tools to Promote Card Acceptance
  • Inclusion in StarFleet and StarFleetPlus Merchant Locator

Full terms and conditions are available here.