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StarCard FuelPay

FuelPay® Now on the StarCard App

FuelPay for Caltex Fuel Card, StarCard

FuelPay® is now available for all StarCard customers via the StarCard app.

FuelPay lets you pay from the comfort of your vehicle at over 600 participating sites, helping you get back on the road faster. It’s safe and secure, with the convenience of having your fuel expenses consolidated to your StarCard account. 

The StarCard App features: 

  1. FuelPay: The faster way to pay for fuel with your StarCard 
  2. Site Locator: Find your closest site. 
  3. Search: Find sites by suburb or postcode. 
  4. Site Features: See features at each site, including fuel types and truck facilities.  

Want to know more? Here are some frequently asked questions.  

How do I activate FuelPay on my StarCard?

FuelPay can only be activated by the Account Holder through My Star Cards. If you are the account holder and would like to activate FuelPay on your card/s:

  1. Log in to myCaltex
  2. Go to the My Star Cards portal
  3. Click through to Card Management>Maintain Card
  4. Search for the card number you wish to activate FuelPay on
  5. Under “Additional Products and Services”, select ‘Yes’ for FuelPay. 
  6. Submit your changes. This should take 15 minutes to be implemented.

How do I download the StarCard app?

You and your drivers can download the StarCard app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Once the app has downloaded, it will prompt you to enable location services on your phone to use FuelPay®

Location services must be turned on for the app to work so that the app knows which Caltex site you are at and you must have an internet connection to use FuelPay. Some stores may have customer Wi-Fi which you can connect to use FuelPay. 

How do I register for FuelPay? 

The first time you open the StarCard app, you will be able to follow the prompts to go through the registration process. To register, enter your email, name and mobile, then set up a password.

We’ll send you a verification code by email. Enter this code into the registration screen and your registration is complete.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be asked to verify your mobile number. We’ll send you a confirmation code via text. Enter this into the confirmation screen and your mobile verification is complete.

Next, enter your StarCard details. You must ensure that your Account Holder has activated FuelPay on your card for this to work.

Now you’re all ready to go.

Will the app cost me anything?

No, the StarCard app is free to download. The only charges associated are the fuel transactions you make which will appear on the StarCard statement as per usual.