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Our full product catalogue contains the product data and safety data sheets for our range of lubricants and fuels. Search by product, suitable vehicle, or category.

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Precision Spray Oils FAQs

  • Spray oils function as insecticides mostly by physical action. The oil is effective against the younger, vulnerable life stages of the pests - egg, early instar larvae or neonate. Oil can block the spiracles of these pests causing suffocation. The oil can also soften the waxy cuticle of the pest or egg, resulting in dehydration and death. There is also some suggestion that oils have some neurological toxicity, particularly to aphids. Oil can also disrupt the usual signals that ovipositing moths use to detect suitable spots to lay eggs - in effect leaves or fruit can be effectively disguised for a period following the oil application.

  • Generally your fill the tank to about 60% capacity then add the other components first. Make sure any WDG or wettable powders are fully dissolved first before adding anything else. Then you can add suspension concentrates and ECs and then finally the oil. Don't leave complex mixtures to stand overnight and remix for at least 10 minutes after stopping for more than 30 minutes. If unsure of the compatibility of a particular mixture make it up in a jar first and then filter a little bit and examine the filter for residue. Be mindful of problems from complex mixtures in cold weather.

  • 20L and 205L drums carrying the drummuster logo (all Caltex Precision Spray Oils products) should be washed as per the label directions and returned, with cap, to the nearest drummuster recycling station. 1000L IBCs should be rinsed as per the label and returned to your ag chemical reseller.