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Self Serve

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Caltex Self-Serve – A new star is born into the world of fuel

The way you fill-up is getting a shake up with Caltex Self-Serve. In three easy steps you can fill up your tank with quality fuel, faster than ever before.

Fuel has come a long way in the last century. And Caltex has been there every step of the way, bringing innovation right to your fuel tank and your wallet.

Now we’re leading the charge in fuel convenience and value.

 Caltex Self Serve Steps 

We love fuel. But like you, we don’t always love filling up.

And that’s why Caltex Self-Serve has been born.

Each Caltex Self-Serve site gives you complete control. Easy to use. No queues instore. Just a quality selection of fuel

In just three easy steps, you can now fill up, pay and drive away giving you Caltex quality fuel, faster than ever before.

You’ll be able to experience Caltex Self-Serve at exclusive trial locations such as: 

  • Ryde: 110 Lane Cove Rd, Ryde NSW 2112
  • Sandgate: 162 Maitland Rd, Sandgate NSW 2304

To use our Self-Serve locations you will need to have a PIN on your StarCard.

Caltex Self Serve FAQs