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Star Mart

Star Mart

For all your convenience needs

Grab a Delish Deal Today!

Feeling hungry? Head into Caltex Star Mart for one of our Delish Deals! We have something for everyone so you’re sure to find something tasty at the best value when you’re out on the road.


Our 100% Arabica blend coffee is freshly roasted in Australia, ground in store, topped with fresh milk, all at the push of a button. Selected stores only. 


Gourmet to Go Sandwiches & Wraps

Be delightfully surprised at lunchtime with the not-so-everyday, gourmet selection range of sandwiches and wraps from Star Mart, like Old Style Chicken Schnitzel or Feta & Grilled Vegetables. Available at selected stores only.


This handy service at Caltex Star Mart means you never have to leave your car or walk inside to pay the attendant for your fuel - so fill up while keeping an eye on the kids, the dog, or just get on your way a little quicker after filling up.

Pay@Pump FAQs

  • Pay@Pump is simple to use! Here's how:

    Step 1 : Insert card
    Step 2 : Enter PIN
    Step 3 : Follow prompts on the screen
    Step 4 : Lift nozzle and fill your tank
    Step 5 : Replace nozzle and select receipt, if required

  • Pay@Pump will accept all Caltex cards (StarCard, StarFleet, StarFleetPlus, StarCard Debit and StarCash), as well as all other credit and debit cards (issued with a PIN number). Cash payments cannot be made at Pay@Pump, but are still accepted in-store. Cards not accepted - Motorcharge, Motorpass, FleetCard, American Express, DinersExpress, Diners.

    Australia Post does not allow Visa Debit cards purchased from them to be used as a method of payment when purchasing fuel at an Outdoor Payment Terminal. The reason for this is that the OPT performs a pre-authorisation for the $ amount that the customer selects, before the fuel is dispensed. This amount will stay reserved on the card for a period determined by the bank. This means that the customer will not be able to use that reserved amount until the bank releases the lock. If the card has a low balance loaded on it, it might prevent the cardholder from using the card until the pre-authorisation period expires.

    Some pre-paid credit cards do not allow pre-authorisation transactions and will not work with Caltex’s Pay@Pump.

  • Credit and debit cards are checked ("pre-authorised") after the cardholder has entered their PIN to verify there are available funds on the card before the fuel transaction commences.

    In a similar way to securing a hotel room or hire car booking, the selected amount is authorised before the transaction takes place. Once the transaction is completed, only the actual amount of the fuel purchase is charged to the card. The "pre-authorised amount" is then released.

    For example, a customer selects to fill their car up to $75 and only fills $50. The $50 will be charged to the customer's credit card. The pre-authorised $75 will be released after the transaction. (Note - the release of the "pre-authorised amount may not occur immediately. The time of the release is dependent on the card provider).