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StarCard Application

StarCard Application

Applicant eligibility

  • You must be a director, partner, business owner or trustee to complete this application
  • Your usage of a StarCard must be wholly or predominantly for business purposes
  • You must be 18 years or older

Before you start the application, you'll need:

  • Your 11 digit ABN
  • Your Drivers Licence
  • Details of directors, partners, business owner or trustees
  • Your Bank Account details

A couple of things you should know:

  • If you are applying as a Company or Trust, your application will need to be supported by a Deed of Guarantee, Indemnity and Charge.
  • Throughout the form we have pre-selected popular StarCard services that may benefit your business. If you do not require these services, untick as you proceed.


Privacy Policy

1. Your Details

Applicant Details

The applicant must be a director, a partner, a trustee or the owner of the business as this is the person who is applying for a line of credit with Caltex Australia for the purpose of a StarCard Facility.

Primary business contact (for items relating to the StarCard Facility)
Identity verification

To process your application for a StarCard Facility, please provide identification details for verification.

2. Business Details

Existing account details

Your application processing time may be shortened by providing your existing account number.

Business details

Please provide us with the Australian Business Number (ABN) of the Business applying for the StarCard Facility.

Postal address (for card delivery)
Estimated monthly expenditure

By providing the total amount you are likely to spend on fuel related costs each month, we can determine what credit limit we will base our assessment on. If it's over $50,000 per month, we may give you a call to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Director details

Please provide the details of any additional Directors/Partners/Trustees relevant for the application process. Each additional person must read and agree to the Caltex Privacy Policy.

Director 1

Privacy Policy
Add another director

3. StarCard Setup

StarCard extras

Get more value out of your StarCard by adding the following extras. We’ve pre-selected popular options for your convenience. If you prefer not to add these extras to your StarCard, simply untick them.


Save up to 15% with our national network.

From tyres to tuning across all makes and models, enjoy savings of up to 15%, plus access to exclusive deals only available to StarCard customers. Choose from over 5,000 dealerships, manufacturers, local mechanics and valued national partners. Just an extra $2.00 a month per vehicle. Applies to all cards.


Powered by leading motoring bodies across Australia

Roadside Assistance with Caltex is always there to keep your business moving. Get unlimited call-outs for breakdowns or tyre changes. Just an extra $5.25 a month per vehicle for vehicles with a GVM of up to 3.5 tonnes.


Have your toll charges added directly to your StarCard

Your toll expenses can be consolidated with your other vehicle expenses and paid monthly. It’s another convenient way to free up time and also improve cash flow. Just an extra 50c a month per vehicle.

Setup each of your StarCards

Each card has a monthly fee of $2.95. If you need to order more than 20 StarCards, please email Caltex Customer Service with the Application ID you are provided upon submission of this form.

4. Payment Method

Promotional / referral codes

A promotional code or a referral code will see your StarCard account is set up with the appropriate pre-negotiated terms.

Payment details

To make it easy to pay your monthly StarCard statement balance we'll set up a direct debit from your nominated Bank Account.

5. Agree and Submit

Application agreement

By typing 'I agree' below:

  1. (where the customer is a company, a trustee or a partnership) I declare that I am a director of the company/ trustee company or a partner in the partnership (as applicable) and I have the authority to make the offer to Caltex on behalf of the Customer to enter into the StarCard agreement.
  2. I declare that the offer is to be a legally binding offer.
  3. If the offer is accepted by Caltex the customer agrees to be bound by the StarCard agreement.
  4. the customer agrees to be provided with the general terms and conditions of the StarCard agreement, and any other documents in relation to the StarCard agreement, electronically.

Debit Service Agreement comprise a legally binding offer to enter into a legal agreement between the Customer and Caltex ("StarCard Agreement"). By typing into this Application "I agree" and submitting the application, the Customer agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out in the StarCard Agreement on acceptance of the Application by Caltex.

StarCard Terms and Conditions

Thank you, your application has been submitted.

As you are a Company or a Trust you are required to provide a signed Deed of Guarantee. This will be emailed to you with the appropriate instructions to complete your application.

For your reference, your application number is ,
A copy of your application has been sent to