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Enjoy added convenience and security with new features - now available on My Star Cards

Enjoy added convenience and security with new features - now available on My Star Cards

My Star Cards is a valuable online tool that makes it easier for StarCard account holders to stay on top of on-road business expenses. Now StarCard account holders can take advantage of the following great features to help save time, manage their accounts efficiently and improve account security.

Set verbal passwords for your account 
Along with the convenience of 24/7 online access to your transaction and account details, you can now set a verbal password to add a spoken password to their account.  This provides quick, secure identification when calling StarCard telephone assistance for help or to activate cards. Simply saying the verbal password when requested will immediately provide StarCard staff with the verification they need to securely manage any enquiry. Also, updated reset PIN functionality, means even more control over your StarCard accounts. Once you are in the My Star Cards portal, you will be able to click the ‘Reset PIN’ button via the ‘Maintain Card’ screen.

Maintain account details
Another convenient new feature is the ability to update and maintain your account details. This allows you to check and update the contact details for your StarCard account – including names, phone numbers and addresses for both the business and key individuals. The ability to self-manage these details at any time makes it quick and easy for an administrator to maintain accurate account details. This ensures that important communications from StarCard – including account statements, monthly invoices and reports – are delivered efficiently and directly to the most appropriate person. As well as this, users can now include a temporary address when updating or ordering cards, so that they can be sent directly to the intended driver or cardholder.

With these added features, My Star Cards offers even more control of StarCard security and communications. The freedom to manage essential details securely and conveniently will make using StarCard even more efficient – and help to save more valuable time.

Log into myCaltex and access the My Star Cards portal to check out these new features.