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How to ensure your StarCard account is secure

How to ensure your StarCard account is secure

Account security is a top priority for Caltex when it comes to StarCard. Every year Australians lose millions of dollars due to card fraud, so we want to make sure your account is secure to protect you and your drivers.

When you transact in store, it is important to always have your StarCard to pay with. It is against our policy to manually input a card number into a POS terminal, so don’t forget to bring your StarCard with you. If you have lost your StarCard, contact us immediately to cancel the card and get a new one issued as soon as possible. 

Don’t forget to also store your StarCard in a secure place. This means outside your vehicle where people don’t have easy access to the card. And, always know your 4-6 digit PIN number, however, make sure it’s kept confidential.

Update your StarCard account settings at My Star Cards or if you have any questions regarding your StarCard security, please don’t hesitate to contact us at