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Linking your StarCard to Xero is good for business

Linking your StarCard to Xero is good for business

Xero Caltex

Our Xero partnership makes StarCard the only fuel card to offer seamless integration into an accounting software package. Whilst there are many benefits to linking your StarCard account to Xero, we’ve identified the top 5 to help you get started.

1. Save time to run your business
By linking your StarCard account to Xero, you can save time with your fuel expenses by having them sent directly to Xero each month

2. No more laborious data entry – reducing your admin 
Each time Caltex sends you a StarCard statement, a copy of the data is fed directly into Xero, along with a copy of the tax invoice.

3. Make life easier at tax time
Your monthly transactions will be sent directly to Xero providing you or your advisor with a tax-approved record of your StarCard expenditure. 

4. There’s no cost to link your StarCard and Xero accounts 
There’s no charge to integrate your StarCard account with Xero and no change to how you currently pay your StarCard statement.

5. There’s no software to download because Xero is cloud-based
If you don’t already have a Xero account, get a free 30 day trial now.

Ready to link Xero to your StarCard?
1. Log in to myCaltex
2. Click on 'My Star Cards' in the top left menu 
3. In My Star Cards, click on 'Accounts & Transactions' 
4. Click on 'Connect to Xero' (and accept Terms and conditions) 
5. The final screen will ask you to log in to Xero to confirm the accounts are linked.

Don't have myCaltex access?
Register for myCaltex now. Your online account will be opened within 48 hours and you'll receive a confirmation email.

Xero is available to eligible StarCard, StarFleet and StarFleet Plus account holders who receive monthly statement tax invoices.

Xero is not available for StarCard Debit account holders.