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Protecting your StarCard starts with a PIN

Protecting your StarCard starts with a PIN

Caltex Business Fuel Card in the car, ready to go

Having a PIN on your card can provide you with increased security and peace of mind if your card is lost or stolen. Not only can a PIN reduce the potential for fraudulent activity but can save you time through faster processing. To fill up at our Self-Serve sites your StarCard PIN must be activated.

Five easy steps to set up a PIN on myCaltex:

  1. Login to My Star Cards
  2. Go to Card Management, select Maintain Card
  3. Enter your StarCard number 
  4. Go to Card Usage Options, tick ‘PIN’ and allow 15 minutes for the PIN to be active
  5. Let your driver know they can set a PIN in store or at the pump next time they fill up.

Your StarCard will be updated and ready to accept a PIN within 15 minutes of being processed.