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Caltex Covid 19 update StarCard

As the situation regarding COVID-19 evolves, Caltex is committed to the wellbeing of our people and our customers and safely providing you with your fuel and convenience needs. We will continue to follow the advice of relevant Government Departments to minimise the spread of the virus.

Our service stations continue to reliably supply fuel and provide for the everyday needs of our customers. All of our stores have paper towels available for customers to use when filling up at our fuel pumps. When finished please throw the used paper towel in the bins provided. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitisation of our stores. You can also help by paying by card and remember if you need something when you return home, you can order many everyday items through Uber Eats and have them delivered to your door from over 300 Caltex locations.

It is important to note however that the situation regarding COVID-19, and the Government’s response is being updated regularly and this information may change quickly.

We will continue to keep our people and customers updated should anything change.

To date at our Caltex retail sites, we have implemented the following measures:-

  • Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitisation of our stores and pumps
  • Providing our customers with clean and sanitised hand washing facilities where possible
  • Suspended the use of reusable coffee cups and in-store sampling
  • Serving food products in individual original packaging where possible

How you can help:

  1. Use the StarCard app and encourage your driver/s to pay for fuel from their vehicle. Ensure FuelPay® is activated through My Star Cards before downloading via the App Store and Google Play Store. See below for instructions.
  2. Utilise the Outdoor Payment Terminals if available at Diesel Stops
  3. Utilise our restroom hand washing facilities inside before browsing our store
  4. Utilise the paper towels available when holding the pump to dispense fuel

Activating FuelPay® on your StarCard/s:

FuelPay can only be activated by the Account Holder through My Star Cards. If you are the account holder and would like to activate FuelPay on your card/s:

  1. Log in to myCaltex
  2. Go to the My Star Cards portal
  3. Click through to Card Management>Maintain Card
  4. Search for the card number you wish to activate FuelPay on
  5. Under “Additional Products and Services”, select ‘Yes’ for FuelPay. 
  6. Submit your changes. This should take 15 minutes to be implemented.
  7. Download the StarCard app via the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Brand Announcement

Welcoming back an Australian icon

In May, Caltex Australia Limited changed its name to Ampol Limited. This is the first major milestone as we revitalise and roll out Ampol across our Australian business.
Drought Assistance Package

Caltex has announced an upfront $100,000 donation to Rural Aid and an ongoing drought assistance package to lend a hand to rural producers facing tough times as the drought continues affecting NSW and much of Queensland.

Caltex has also pulled together a package of support which includes:
1. Fuel to keep farmers moving in the form of $200 StarCash fuel vouchers for farmers registered with Rural Aid for drought assistance, to be administered by Rural Aid
2. A contribution towards Rural Aid’s own fuel bill to keep their team and vehicles where they are needed the most
3. A pledge to donate $1 for every new 20 litre Delo® lubricant product purchased to Rural Aid 
4. Farm Army assistance a volunteering by Caltex employees, their family and friends via the Rural Aid Farm Army initiative
5. Support for Rural Aid’s upcoming fundraising events
6. Working with our customers to manage their cash flow by extending credit terms for some farmers


How do farmers access the $200 StarCash fuel voucher?
The fuel vouchers are for farmers registered with Rural Aid for drought assistance and is administered by Rural Aid.

I am drought affected, how do I extend my payment terms on my fuel bill?
For customers who wish to extend their credit terms we suggest you get in touch with your account manager or call 1300 365 096 (option 2 and then option 1).

What else are you doing for drought affected communities?
Caltex has announced its drought assistance package and is in discussions with our larger customers and other corporate partners to find additional programs that will assist communities facing tough times as a result of the drought.

Are you making money out of extending credit terms for farmers?
No, we don’t charge interest.

Why are you supporting Rural Aid?
Rural Aid, a charity set up to provide a central point of focus for rural communities who require assistance will get a package of support worth more than $100,000 from Caltex.

What about small businesses in regional communities that are facing tough times?
At this time we have focused our support on the primary producers on the front line, however we are also considering other ways to support the broader community in regional NSW and Queensland.

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