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Barista Coffee

  • Our Reusable Cup
  • Our Arabica Blend
  • Our Baristas

The Eco-Friendly Solution

The Foodary is committed to building a sustainable future by limiting the environmental footprint we leave behind. Join us in our mission to make disposable cups a thing of the past and become a part of the eco-friendly movement.

Our reusable glass cups are light, strong and spill proof. What’s more, thanks to the double wall glass design, your drink will remain hot, while the outside glass remains cool enough to hold. It’s also dishwasher safe, microwave safe and recyclable.

Pick up a reusable glass cup at one of The Foodary stores today for $9.95 and receive a FREE barista made coffee. Plus, get 50c off every time you buy a coffee with a reusable cup.*

100% Arabica Blend

Our 100% Arabica blend is finely crafted from carefully selected beans in specific origins of Central and South America – regions most prominent for their full body, smooth flavours.

Throughout our roasting process, our quality assurance team performs over 20 tests, in order to consistently provide our customers with delicious quality barista made coffee.

Trained Coffee Specialists

At The Foodary our baristas are not only passionate about coffee, they go through comprehensive barista training to become coffee specialists, ensuring that we deliver a consistently good quality coffee just the way you like it.

Hot Coffee

Treat yourself to a cup of freshly ground, quality barista made hot coffee. 

  • Long Black: Intense, but balanced flavour to get you ready for whatever the day holds.
  • Espresso: Used in nearly all coffees drinks, the espresso is perfect if you enjoy a coffee in its most pure and rich form.
  • Piccolo:  Small in size, but large in taste, it’s a delicious way to enjoy the rich flavour of coffee, topped with warm milk.
  • Macchiato: Similar to the piccolo, it's rich in flavour and topped with warm milk.
  • Latte: Made with foamed milk and Arabica blend coffee, it’s the perfect balance with an easy finish.
  • Flat White: Velvety texture of milk that promotes the bold flavours of espresso to perfection.
  • Cappuccino: A delicious trilogy of deep chocolate, smooth coffee and fresh milk.
  • Mocha: A mix of chocolate and coffee for those who enjoy an afternoon treat as a quick pick me up.
  • Hot Chocolate: Sweet and comforting, it’s the chocolate treat you’ve been craving.
  • Chai Latte: Warm spiced cup of sweetness and velvety milk.

Iced Coffee

Try our refreshing barista made iced coffee range in store today for just $4 or $4.50 in WA. 

  • Iced Latte: Enjoy a quality iced coffee this summer, made with our 100% Arabica coffee and fresh milk poured over ice. 
  • Iced Chocolate: Refreshingly cool and made with our delicious Chocochino and fresh milk poured over ice. 
  • Iced Mocha: The perfect mixture of 100% Arabica coffee and the sweet chocolate flavour of Chocochino with fresh milk poured over ice.

Fresh Milk Options

Our freshly ground coffee is made to be enjoyed no matter how you like it. Customise your coffee with fresh whole milk, low-fat milk, soy milk or almond milk at participating locations

The Foodary

Barista made coffee 24/7

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^ Includes all coffee machine and barista beverages. Free coffee machine and barista beverage of any size can be redeemed from any Caltex Star Mart or The Foodary location.

*1 x regular coffee or hot beverage per The Foodary reusable cup purchased. 50c discount available only for customers filling up their own reusable multi-use plastic or glass cup for hot liquids which has a lid. Make sure your reusable cup is clean. Offer available with any barista made coffee or hot beverage purchased at The Foodary while stocks last. Only available in participating The Foodary stores displaying promotion. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.