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Webinar Series

Caltex Webinar Series

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Development of a Drug and Alcohol Policy and Program

This webinar looks at what businesses need to consider when developing and implementing a fit for purpose drug and alcohol policy and program in the workplace. It will focus on:

  • Policy development
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Management of prescription medication
  • Management of policy breaches
  • Policy and program rollout
  • Stakeholder awareness and training
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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Process Safety

Ineffective process safety critical risk controls increases the likelihood, and in some cases the potential consequences, of major accidents at hazardous facilities. In this webinar Caltex will examine the linkage between major accidents and process safety risk controls and the role that effective governance of lead and lag process safety indicators plays in preventing major accidents. 

Caltex will share the process it has developed over more than 10 years to;

  • Identify a framework of lead and lag process safety risk controls
  • Establish performance criteria for those process safety risk controls
  • Maintain an effective monitoring and reporting program for those process safety risk control
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Management of Organisational Change

This webinar will focus on sharing Caltex’s experience in developing a process for risk assessment and management of organisational changes at operating sites. These include organisational restructures as well as personnel changes in existing structures.

Poor design and implementation of organisational change has been identified as a significant contributing factor in a number of well-known global disasters in the hazardous processing industries. To address this risk Caltex has developed a standard methodology which it has applied to more than 30 organisational changes within Caltex's operations. These include:

  • Substantive business unit restructures
  • Refinery closure
  • Shift team changes
  • Outsourcing and mergers

To ask expert Rod Rutledge, Caltex National Process Safety & Regulatory Advisor questions about organisational change, submit your enquiry below.

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Global Harmonisation System (GHS) Requirements

This installment of the webinar series focuses on the implementation of the Global Harmonisation System. Topics also covered as part of this webinar include:

  • The impact GHS has on safety data sheets and labelling of chemicals
  • What Caltex has done to ensure compliance
  • What companies will need to do to makes sure that effective 1 January 2017 they comply with GHS requirements
To ask expert Andrew Orfanos, Caltex National Occupational Health and Hygiene Specialist questions about the GHS, please submit your enquiry below.

*On 12 July 2013, 157,205 litres of unleaded petrol was released from a storage tank into a purpose built bund at Caltex’s premises at its Banksmeadow Terminal during a planned transfer from the water draw valve of the storage tank. Two workers involved in the transfer were taken to hospital and discharged shortly afterwards. SafeWork NSW investigated the incident and subsequently alleged that Caltex contravened section 19 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act). This webinar series has been delivered by Caltex under the terms of an enforceable undertaking as part of a settlement of the abovementioned alleged contravention.